MMS-TLA Materials Management System

MMS-TLA Materials Management System

MMS Series is a materials management system product line including two software packages designed to run on most all PC’s. This includes the MMS-TL tank level inventory materials management system and the MMS-TLA grain temperature monitoring system.


The MMS series materials management system includes the MMS-TL and MMS-TLA software systems designed to run on PC’s. The MMS-TL is a materials management system for use in monitoring tank level inventories of liquid or bulk solid materials using a wide variety of Aplus Finetek level transmitter technologies. The MMS-TLA is a materials management system for monitoring the temperature of grain in storage bins at multiple points throughout the bin in order to manage grain quality and eliminate spoilage. The MMS-TLA system uses the EST110 and EST120 grain temperature cables. The MMS materials management system products help you connect tank and bin measurements with your operations, as well as with corporate functions remotely located via standard Internet connections. The MMS materials management system products are easy to use and assist in improving facility and production efficiencies.


  • MMS-TL for use with level measuring sensors such like EB, EE, EG, FG and JFR series level transmitters
  • MMS-TLA grain monitoring system for use with EST110 and EST120 grain monitoring cables
  • Provides graphic interface and displays data
  • Industrial PC available



  • Improve monitoring efficiency in managing inventories
  • Increase safety by automating inventory measurements
  • Reduce grain spoilage by monitoring grain temperatures


  • Plastic processing
  • Concrete and cement production
  • Agriculture, grain storage
  • Many others


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