Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical industry covers oil refining and related petrochemical downstream industries such as rubber and plastic raw materials, synthetic fibers, petro-chemicals products, resins, textiles, engineering plastics etc. A lot of product we use in our daily life are closely related with the petrochemical industry. FineTek has rich knowledge and expertise with Oil and Gas industry and we help our customers with site application design, process improvement and technical support.

Liquid Storage Tank

Our products are used in storage tanks for refined crude oil products, solvents, chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas etc.

Solid/Powder Storage Tank

Our products are also used in storage tanks for different type of solid/powder petrochemical products, synthetic fibers, plastics and rubber materials etc

Boiler System

Our products are used in boiler system where water is heated at high temperature to create high pressure steam to drive turbine generator.

Wastewater Treatment System

Waste water from manufacturing process needs to be processed for acid-base neutralization treatment before recycling or discharge to sewer. Our products are used in wastewater treatment systems

Dust Collector System

Our product are used in Dust Collector System is used to collect, filter and store the dust produced during transportation and manufacturing process.

Exhaust System

Our products are used inExhaust system for the treatment of harmful emission during manufacturing process, by using adsorption and cleaning etc.