Power Generation Industry

Thermal power plant generates electricity by the combustion of fuel, coal, oil, natural gas etc. to heat the water in the steam boiler. This heat creates high temperature and pressure in the boiler transforms water into steam, which drives the turbine generator to produce electricity. FineTek has rich knowledge and expertise with Thermal power generation industry and help our customers with site application design, process improvement and technical support.

Coal Storage System

Our products are used for different application in coal yards, coal handling equipments, coal breaking equipments.

Combustion System

Our products are used for applications in combustion systems where fuel is burned to generate heat.

Boiler System

Our products are used in boiler system where water is heated at high temperature to create high pressure steam to drive turbine generator.

Condensation System

In condensing system, sea water can be used as coolant for the high pressure steam, so that condensed water can be continuously used.

Dust collection System

Dust collection system is used to collect and filter the ashes produced from the combustion.

Exhaust System

Exhaust system refers to the treatment of harmful emission during combustion, by using process such adsorption and cleaning etc.