Water and Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Waste Water Treatment is a process mainly comprises of cleaning, purification of water or recycling with using PH treatment . This clean water is then discharged or recycled for re-use. In general, these water treatment process had different phase like sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, flocculation and several other processes. FineTek products can be widely used in every segments of these water treatment process automation systems. Our products like simple output switches and signal transmitters can be used to achieve full process atuomation.

Purification Process

Sewage water passes through different purification chamber such as desilting , grease separation, mixing, aeration, chlorination, flocculation, sedimentation, etc. Our level sensors are used at every process for the smooth monitoring of liquid level.

PH Neutralization

Industrial wastewater use PH neutralization processes to neutralize the acid-base properties. Our control sensors is used to measure the level of the water in the storage tanks.


Our Digital Display panel meters are used in control rooms to monitor the information transmitted from factory tanks. Operators can remotely observe the changes in quality and quantity of water.

Pump Protection

Our flow switch are used to prevent mechanical failure, tank level error detection, protection of motor and on-site equipment caused due to air insertion.

Powder Tank

Our products are also to monitor the level of suspended solids at the bottom of the sedimentation reservoir, final collection of sludge materials, alkaline lime tank etc.