EST110 Multi-point temperature sensor

The EST Series is a grain temperature monitoring system consisting of the EST110 and EST120 sensors and MMS-TLA PC-software. The EST110 sensor cable is for temperature sensing only, the EST120 is for temperature/level monitoring from a single cable. Simplified installation and start-up using 1-wire digital temperature sensors. More cost-effective than thermocouple based systems.



The EST series is a grain temperature monitoring product line incorporating two types of sensing cables, the EST110 and EST120, and our MMS-TLA PC-software. Grain temperature monitoring is critical to managing the quality of grain in long term storage.  Insect infestation and mold growth can occur and can also be detected by looking for temperature increases or “hot spots” within the grain in storage.  The EST 110 grain temperature monitoring sensor cable provides temperature sensing at up to 30 points along the length of its cable, with a maximum cable length of 98.4ft (30m).  The EST120 sensor cable allows for grain temperature monitoring and continuous level measurement at the same time along its cable with maximum length of 98ft (30).  The most important attribute of the EST series grain temperature monitoring system is the use of 1-wire digital temperature sensors.  This makes the system vastly simpler and less costly to install than the traditional thermocouple based temperature measuring cables of other brands.

Each EST110 cable requires a simple two wire connection, no matter how many temperature sensors exist.  And the EST120 cable provides a two wire RS485 MODBUS serial link.  All cables are tied together simply by using our HubLink devices, each capable of connecting four EST110 cables  together and providing a single RS485 MODBUS output.  A single 2-wire cable is all you need to wire between HubLink devices and the PC that will be running the MMS-TLA PC-software,  Lower cost, simplified installation!


  • Realtime monitoring of grain temperature to prevent spoilage
  • 1-wire digital temperature sensors
  • Unique temperature/level (EST120) monitoring cable
  • 98.5ft (30m) maximum cable length
  • Customizable number and location of temperature sensors
  • Simplified and lower installation costs using digital technology, wired or wireless
  • Operator interface with remote monitoring PC-software



  • Multipoint temperature monitoring for aiding grain quality management
  • Temperature and level measurement in a single cable


  • Agriculture
  • Feed and grain processing
  • Grain distribution

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